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Name:Kink Bingo Wiki
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:wiki for the kink_bingo community
This community is a space for [community profile] kink_bingo players to brainstorm and share ideas about the kinks we're writing/vidding/drawing/reccing/podficcing/thinking about/etc. Each kink has its own post (you can navigate from kink to kink using the tags in the sidebar on the left of the main page) and each post offers some basic information and ideas on the kink, as well as (for most of them) a few videos drawn from mainstream TV and film that illustrate the kink. The top paragraph on each post (above the fold) gives you a basic summary, so those with limited bandwidth don't have to click on the cut tags if they don't want to. Be aware that although the videos are all (mostly) mainstream, there are a few that aren't, and also that there are pictures (of sex toys etc) that are NSFW. Almost all the kinks have a little "further reading" section at the bottom, which takes you to interesting pages we found while researching each kink (or, sometimes, to recs for fic or vids that we like) - you should assume that all those links are NSFW as well.

While the kink_wiki isn't a true wiki in the usual definition of the word - most notably, posts cannot be edited by all users - we call it a wiki anyway for a few reasons. First, we want to encourage as much user participation as we can (we will be thrilled if you comment on the kink posts with ideas or recs or resources of your own). Second, we want to make it clear that we're not authorities from on high who know more about kink than anyone - we're very happy to be corrected or helped or to get more information if we've misrepresented something or left something out, and thus we think of the kink posts as ongoing works in progress that require input to help them along their way. Third, we're using a very wiki method of thinking on this comm in order to define and discuss the kinks: we interlink between kinks in order to show how each kink intersects with the others, and that each kink is only meaningful within a web of related kinks. So we hope you'll excuse the liberty we've taken with the term; though a proper wiki that allowed unlimited user editing was impractical for our purposes, we nonetheless hope that you'll treat the comm like a wiki by participating, correcting, discussing, arguing, adding, and reccing.

Above all, we wanted to make a resource for you, our [community profile] kink_bingo players, in order to provide you with some of the information we've gleaned in doing research for KB. This wiki represents a distillation of all our research, as well as all the thought and deliberation that goes into making the kink list each year - hopefully in a way that's helpful and fun for you to read and comment on. Like I said, we can never cover everything that every kink has to offer - kinks are slippery and endless that way - but I hope we've provided some good jumping off points to get us thinking together, as a community. This wiki is your space: we KB mods offer it as a gift to you, to play with as you like.

NOTE: The embedded videos in this wiki disappeared when Megaupload and Megavideo went down; they're currently hosted as downloadable files only while we explore other options.
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